A $16 Cup Of Coffee Is No Joke At This Sydney Cafe

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By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist 

Coffee aficionados rejoice, Canberran coffee brew master, 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic has opened shop in Sydney.

He's the barista behind the newest stripped-back cafe hotspot ONA Coffee Marrickville, but before you act so Sydney (read: will drive for good coffee and a fancy pastry of some sort), you might want to take a look at the menu prices. The coffee options on ONA's 'Vintage' menu range from 9 to 16 bucks a pop - and that's not for a bag of coffee beans but for a literal cup of coffee. 

50 to 100 customers a day are investing in a $9 through to $16 coffee on the weekends, according to Sestic, who argues that if people are happy to fork out the cash to sit down for a good glass of wine, there's no shame in doing the same for a fine cuppa coffee; his Vintage blends aren't ordered to-go - customers will typically sit for a 15-minute coffee tasting experience to really appreciate their $16 bucks worth. 

Sestic's standard coffee menu also features your usual suspect milk coffees for around $4 a cup, but if your go-to order is a weak almond milk mocha, probably best to steer clear of this joint - Sestic takes his coffee seriously. 

Think that's a bit rich? Head down to the World's Biggest Espresso Martini extravaganza (Monday 1 Oct) to get your hands on FREE martinis and coffees. 


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