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Ukubebe, early childhood, ukulele, drumming fun and yoga-dance classes

Welcome to Ukubebe! Ukubebe is a provider of quality programs – early childhood music, ukulele, drumming fun and yoga-dance, for children’s learning and wellbeing. Music classes offer learning experiences for children of all ages, and support the development of the whole child in a creative, musical environment, that is non-competitive and fun.

A series of weekly music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children taking place at the Ukubebe venue in Randwick.

Ukubebe combines music learning with an educational philosophy, embracing the whole development of the child. Our approach is informed by the methodology of prominent world music educators Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Suzuki.

The Ukubebe program is created for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children up to 12 years of age, and we cater to the needs of each group. For babies there is a slower pace and multi-sensory experiences, for toddlers there’s plenty of action and spontaneous discoveries, and for preschool children, the development of social skills, humour, and extension. School aged classes are non-competitive, inclusive and nurture the whole child. Activities are designed to be fun, easy and create success.

There are some great programs and classes held each week in
– Early Childhood Music and Movement: ages 0-5 years, weekday mornings
– Ukulele group class: ages 5-12yrs, after school
– Kids Drum for Fun: ages 5-12yrs, after school
– Yoga/dance classes: Wednesday 3pm – mum & baby, Wednesday 4pm – 5-8yrs,  Wednesday 4.45pm – 9-12yrs.
– Mum’s and baby yoga class (small babies – not mobile)
– African Drumming and Percussion Family Fun classes: all ages, Last Saturday in each month; $45 (family of 4); 10am & 11am
– African Drumming and Percussion Classes (40mins); ages 5-8yrs – Tuesday 4.40pm; ages 9-12yrs – Tuesday 5.20pm

Make sure you try the Family Classes – they are the best fun ever! Energizing, confidence boosting, and so much fun to play together, learning rhythms, Afrcain songs, and hand percussion.

During February Dance-Yoga class will run each Wednesday at Coogee Beach, Goldstein reserve, on the grass.

Ukubebe also have an uplifting collection of original children’s songs in its first album, ‘I Love to Play” by Joanne Steel. Capturing all the joy and fun families have when they sing and play together, ‘I Love to Play’ is an interactive album, inviting children to play along to the music with their own ukulele.

For more timetable and bookings, click HERE. For more information about the Ukubebe and their programs, call 0499 040 125, send an email or visit the website.

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  1. Ana

    Hi, I am interested for my daughter who is 11 years old to attend your Ukelele Class please. Kindly let me know the date and time please. Thank you-Ana

  2. Beth

    We love Ukubebe and the wonderful Jo who runs the classes. A great mix of fun and education using a wide range of songs, movement and instruments. Highly recommended.

  3. Frankie Leaver

    We started Ukubebe when my daughter was four months old, and at the time I felt a bit silly for bringing such a tiny baby to a music class! But to my amazement, within a few classes she was clapping along and as each week passed it was clear that she was listening, watching and learning from the amazing (magical!) teacher, Jo and starting to do all the actions and predict the next activity. Now she is nine months old and thanks to class, she loves Peek-a-boo, loves to clap and bob to music we play at home and has learned so much about rhythm, music and singing. I have no doubt the classes helped her develop all these skills, plus give her time to socialise with other babies. She’s definitely learned to sit and crawl from watching the other kids- she never takes her eyes off them! The classes are gorgeous, extremely well-paced and structured and have simple call-and-response songs and activities with fun props like parachutes, storytelling, bell ringing, torch play, dancing and drumming, kite flying, (plus playing ukes, of course). The classes focus on different skills and outcomes each term and it’s lovely to see the kids growing and learning, plus Jo is a great teach who explains a lot about early learning and abilities so you always have an idea of why you’re doing the activity. I can’t recommend it highly enough, it’s the absolute highlight of my week. We also bought Jo’s CD and it’s the ONLY thing that has stopped her crying in the car because she seems to recognise the music.

  4. Amelia

    We absolutely love Ukubebe with the wonderful teacher Joe. We have been attending for 6 months and it is the highlight of my sons week. Joe is amazing with the little ones and it’s the best introduction to ,music for my son. I highly recommend giving it a go.

  5. Tricia

    We are into our 2nd year @ Ukubebe. Not only is Jo a talented musician, her passion & enthusiasm, coupled with a very well structured lesson plan makes going to “Jo’s music class” a highlight of our week. Natalie loves packing away the toys during the lessons & hums the tune & dances to the CD at home too. Going to Ukubebe is also a great social interaction experience for the kids.
    Definitely recommend Ukubebe for folks who are keen to give their child a great introduction to music appreciation. I only wish Nat’s childcare would have music sessions too.

  6. Tricia

    We are into our 2nd year with Jo at Ukubebe. Not only is Jo a talented musician, her genuine love, interest & knowledge on how children learn best makes the classes enjoyable for both my daughter & I. Ukulele totally has our endorsement!

  7. Naomi

    I thoroughly recommend ukubebe! What a warm, engaging, and fun introduction to music!

  8. alisa

    My 17mth old son and i love love love these classes and Jo is wonderful with a beautiful voice. We’ve been going since he was 6 months and there are different themes, songs, actions, objects and activities keeping it fresh. The classes arent big making it clean and comfortable.

  9. Anna

    We have just signed up for our second term. My son is so happy to go to the classes. The teacher is very friendly and the kids do different things each week.

  10. Miri

    Ukubebe is a beautifully integrated approach to early childhood music. Jo is a super talented musician and educator whose warmth, vibrancy and calm exude the class. Combining song, movement, experiential play, listening, performance, story, and so much more, these classes are absolutely wonderful.

  11. Sarah & Freya

    This music group is truly an absolute MUST!

    Jo Steel is an exceptional teacher. Not only is her experience and background outstanding, but she is an absolute pleasure to know and spend time with each week. She is enthusiastic, warm and always smiling. The babies LOVE her.

    My daughter and I attend the babies 0-12 mth class on a Tuesday and the classes are fun, relaxed, and there is always lots of laughter.

    From 5-9months old, my daughters confidence in speech, sound and moment has improved remarkably. She is no longer a quite, watchful baby! She looooves Jo, listens intently to her and trys to join in when we explore different instruments and music.

    Her social interaction with the other children has developed wonderfully also.

    We are so so happy to be apart of Ukubebe!

  12. Hayley

    Jo is FANTASTIC. As an early years practitioner (and professional Nanny), I have to say this is the BEST music class I’ve come across in over ten years.

    The babies (I attend with a 1 year old girl) and parents are engaged and attentive no matter the age. I feel that Jo’s passion for sharing learning through music, and vocal exploration with the children and parents, to be second to none.

    Her classes are structured each week/term which is fantastic, and comes with a take-home song sheet to keep each week to follow throughout the term. This music group is so beautifully managed with a variety of instruments, songs, soft toys and books each week, for the children to experiment with, and follow their natural interests in rhythm and movement. A highly social space!

    I would highly recommend this music group to anyone who wants their child to engage with a feel good and really natural and free-flowing session! The energy Jo (music Instructor) creates is loving, encouraging and musically educational!

    Absolute pleasure.

  13. Nicola

    My daughter has been going to Ukebabe for the past 8 months and Jo is wonderful with the children. As my daughter gets older I have seen her become so confident and really engage with Jo in the groups. She absolutely loves it and it is a joy to see!

  14. Lorin

    This is a lovely multilingual session that familiarises kids with new languages, materials and sounds. Highly recommended!

  15. Annie

    Highly highly recommended. My 19 month old has been going since he was 4 months and absolutely adores it.

    Jo has designed a great program that moves at the right pace and also maintains the kids’ interest.

    Definitely a great thing for babies and toddlers.

  16. Teresa

    I have been attanding Ukebebe now for almost 2 years with my son who is almost 3 & he LOVES it! He gets really upset if we ever miss a class. and It’s been such a beautiful progression to watch since when we first started he would sit in my lap & not really engage with anyone but over the weeks I saw his confidence grow & now he’s straight in their with the rest of the kids… Jo puts so much thought, effort & love into her classes & it shows in her passion for music & teaching . I’ve since had another baby & you can see at only 5 months how much he enjoys the music , fun & laughter too so I dare say we’ll be continiuing for a long time yet :)

  17. Penny

    My daughter and I love Ukubebe and look forward to it every week. As soon as I mention we are going to “music class” and sing the first few words of the opening song she beams from ear to ear and runs to the front door. We started at Ukubebe when my daughter was 9 months and it has been so nice to have an activity to go to that is fun and educational without being overcrowded, “disneyfied” and loud. Joe is amazing and the kids really love her. She is loving and gentle and really knows how to make the sessions interesting and age appropriate. She is also a very talented musician in her own right. The sessions offer a mixture of movement, singing, playing with instruments/props and story time and each semester is themed. Our latest semester was all about world music and each session focused on music from certain regions of the globe. I particularly like Ukubebe because Joe puts a lot into the planning of the sessions and takes the time to explain how each activity is relevant to a childs development. The sessions are also not overcrowded so the kids can enjoy the stimulus and company without feeling overcrowded or intimated. I would highly recommend Ukubebe to anyone!

  18. Tamara

    Jo’s classes are bright and engaging. Both you and your child will be delighted by the thoughtful selection of music. Jo is a warm teacher who cares about her students, and I really enjoy our 30 minutes of Ukubebe each week. Highly recommended.

  19. Rachel

    We are really enjoying this fantastic class. It’s well led and planned by the wonderful Jo, with the babies exploring a range of music inspired sensory experiences. Each week she creates a variety of interesting activities that follow a familiar rhythm so the babies can start to anticipate what’s next while encountering a vast array of songs and music. My little one gets very excited in the car when I sing the welcome song and he knows he is off to music! The timings of the sessions are well thought out so it sits nicely around naptimes. I would definitely recommend this for any age baby/kid.

  20. jodie

    Ukebebe is the best time of our week. Jo is so professional and knowledgeable. She has the most creative ways to teach music without it seeming like teaching. My 3-year old daughter absolutely loves it and now has a wonderful appreciation of music and a great imagination to go with it. Jo plans each class with a familiar structure and lots of great materials to explore. The best activity we do by miles!

  21. Susan

    I’ve started with Jo as a nanny, taking a little girl I used to look after. It is by far the best musical activity I’ve seen around. Now as a mum I take my son to Jo classes and he loves it, he was lucky to experience the stimulation trough music since he was in my tummy and now each week he develops a new milestone all thanks to Jo. Her knowledge and gentle approach is a great support for parents and carers. And for our kids a fun a lovely environment to play, learn and discover trough music.

  22. Bec

    As a nanny I have attended music classes for over 20 years. This one is my favourite.
    The children love it.Jo keeps them entertained and interested.Highly recommend it as
    a change from the bog standard classes.

  23. Stacey and Evie

    I have been taking Evie to Ukubebe since she was six months old. We always look forward to going, its a really easy going class and its been nice to see how Evie has become so comfortable there. Jo knows all the good songs and is like a third grandma to Evie (however im sure she is not old enough to be!)
    Im sure ill be going for years to come!

  24. Cat

    Jo’s classes are fantastic. I have been going for the past 4 months with my daughter (who is 8 months). The level of engagement and involvement is spot on. The thought, care and no doubt tremendous effort Jo puts into planning each session is obvious. She makes each session engaging and I have definitely learnt a lot more about music and my daughter is now able to recognise some of the regular musical elements. We are coming back again this year

  25. Cornelia

    An inspiring get together where the little ones get the opportunity to engage with other babies, through music, play and dance. Jo is a wonderful inspiring person and has given me lots of great ideas of what I can do at home with my daughter. Whenever we sing the Ukubebe song at home there is a big smile on her face :)

  26. Penny

    Ukubebe is by far the best ‘activity’ my now 2 year old daughter and I have done together, & we’ve been going to classes for a year now. Jo provides a very calm environment with loads of variety and really original ideas to engage the children and with just enough structure to gently guide younger children towards concepts like sitting on the mat for story time. The class is warm, fun, inclusive and very flexible to your childs mood and stage of development. Jo’s wealth of experience and genuine passion for what she does shines through.

  27. Jen

    My son and I LOVE Ukebebe. Jo makes every class fun and interesting, and she is extremely sweet with all the kids. It’s my favourite class we have taken so far!

  28. Ee Low

    Jo puts a lot of thought and effort into each class. Every week has a different theme, props and information sheet so that we may source the music ourselves. Great fun for bubs.

  29. Melanie

    Ukubebe musical classes are amazing!!!! Jo is great with the kids and the classes are very educational. They´re also a lot of fun for the parents!
    My daughter loves Jo´s classes, and she sings the songs she learns at Ukubebe at home! We´ve been going for 2 terms now and we have enrolled again! Thank you Jo for being such a good teacher!!!

  30. Leanne

    Jo’s classes are wonderful and she extremely great with the children. She has done great things with music, always has great props to keep the bubbs entertained, and my son love her.

  31. Victoria

    Ukubebe is the highest quality music class i have found in the area. My son and I love it and will definitely continue attending. Highly recommended.

  32. Emma

    We cant recommend ukubebe enough, we look forwards so much to the class every week! Jo is a fabulous teacher and is always in such happy spirits! We love her creative musical work!

  33. Vicky charlesworth

    Both my girls attend Jo’s music lessons on separate days and absolutely LOVE them. Jo really makes everyone feel special and has a gift engaging with children. Children love the variety of music Jo embraces from all cultures and the consistency of her routine which makes the children feel very comfortable. sessions are fun and well balanced. I highly recommend these wonderful classes.

  34. AL Palmer

    We have loved ukubebe with Jo. She is so creative and patient and the kids all love the classes.

  35. Sarah Brown

    We love ukebebe! Jo is fabulous. Classes are very well structured, move at the right pace, are filled with lots of different activities and jo knows just what works with children. It is amazing to have such personal attention in this day and age. I have seen my now 8 month daughter develop over the last term. Her concentration has improved, as has her confidence, social skills and of course she now loves music! We are signing up again next term!

  36. Lisa

    Jo’s classes are fast-paced and entertaining, perfect for young children. Each class is different, and it’s great to have your children introduced to new songs and instruments from week to week. Jo is excellent – she’s enthusiastic and energetic, and all the kids really engage with her. I highly recommend Ukubebe!

  37. Robyn

    Ukubebe is an interesting music program for young children. Each week there is a different theme and children have the opportunity to experience different ways of expressing themselves through song, movement and playing different instruments.

  38. Lucy Satinoff

    Jo is absolutely lovely, she has a natural way way about her that makes you and bub feel happy and relaxed!
    I’m not sure who enjoys her classes more, me or the baby 😉

    The classes are educational as well as fun and she makes sure that everyone feels included.

    I definitely recommend these classes and Jo!

  39. Jess

    My son ADORES this class and Jo. He joined when he was 5 months old and is now in the toddlers class at 18 months old. At each stage Jo has nurtured his love of music and engaged him with beautiful top-quality instruments.
    These classes are always well thought out, educational as well as fun, and she always has lots of new and wonderful resources.
    I regularly recommend this class to friends with small children and cannot speak highly enough of it.

  40. Claire

    My daughter and I have been part of a Ukubebe group for 2 terms now and we both love it! Jo is a fantastic and very professional facilitator and teacher with a warm and joyful manner. Each session is extremely well thought through with beautiful resources – cute toys, real little ukuleles, finger puppets etc, always plenty to go round. It’s also great to have a hand-out from each session with all the details of the songs and activities featured. Before starting with Jo my daughter already enjoyed music, singing and dancing in her own little way, but each weekly session with Jo deepens and extends that enjoyment considerably and gives me lots of ideas for musical play at home.

  41. Vardit Lahav

    Jo is wonderful!!we are big fans of the Ukubebe.
    My daughter prticipating in the classes since age 6 months and she is alredy turning two years.
    The paciant,creativity,different types of music(from classic till south American),teaching playing on different instruments are just small list of Jo’s gifts to the children.
    My daughter is waiting each week to our music class and I assure you you won’t regret.The BEST treat for your child development.

  42. Anneke

    My two and a half year old loves ukubebe as from her mouth…..’ I love Jo and all the toys!’. With an ever changing cast of musical instruments for her to enjoy and explore along with new and interesting songs for her to learn and remember, ukubebe provides her with a challenging and varied avenue to develop her musical abilities.

  43. Janet

    Ukubebe is an exciting, fun and wonderful introduction to the world of music for your children.

    Jo, the director of Ukubebe who runs the classes, is a passionate soul who has a natural affinity for bringing the best out of children through music. She is dedicated to taking children through unique and well-structured musical adventures each week.

    This is one of the few music classes I have experienced that welcomes siblings of different ages (eg toddler and pre-schooler) to discover new songs, stories and instruments (including the wonderful ukulele) together at the same time in a fun and relaxed environment. Parents are encouraged to go on the musical journey with their kids too. I must say that I found parents, including myself, enjoying the classes just as much as the kids!

    I can’t recommend these classes enough!

  44. Amy

    Thank you Jo for an amazing term, both Mia and I have really enjoyed it.

    It has been so lovely watching Mia and the other babies grow with confidence throughout the term as they learn how to use the different instruments and their voices! It has also been fun watching the little ones interact with each other, learning to share and play.

    I think I have enjoyed coming as much, if not more than Mia, and have loved the take home sheets which give me inspirations for activities during the week.

    Jo has really developed a great program – one that both the parents and kids can enjoy. Jo’s amazing voice and calm personality really engages the babies – nothing phases her – Jo manages to continue reading and playing the ukulele even with little ones climbing all over her!

    I can’t wait to see what is in store for next term.

  45. Rose & Steven Jacobs, Today Show (Channel 9)

    Ukebebe has far exceeded our expectations for a positive and nurturing environment for our daughter to learn, thrive, create, imagine, laugh and play. We are in awe of Jo’s teaching skills and natural affinity with young people. We couldn’t recommend this more highly.

  46. Anna E

    My two year old daughter and I love going to Ukubebe. Jo is wonderful and has a natural enthusiasm and ability with music and children. Each week she focuses on a different theme which she weaves through songs, stories, movement, instruments and with props.The wonder, delight and imagination it brings to the children is fantastic.

  47. Celia B

    I find them really suited to her changing age and development, unlike others we have tried that aren’t targeted to specific age groups. We started in a baby class and are now doing the toddler sessions. Each week has familiar songs as well as new music, instruments, props and stories. Class sizes are perfect and intimate. We look forward to them every week.

  48. Pip H

    My baby just loves Ukubebe. I have noticed big leaps in her development each week; such as how she interacts with the musical instruments, with the other babies and how she really listens and takes in the beautiful stories.
    Jo is so lovely to the babies. It makes for a lovely atmosphere and the babies really respond to that.
    The pricing is very reasonable compared to other options for babies and the locations are perfect for us in the East.

  49. Lyndall K

    Annabelle and I have completed 3 terms of Ukubebe and have enrolled for our 4th. We both enjoy the sessions. The small group sizes are welcoming and comfortable. Jo is vibrant, energetic, passionate, organised and caring. Annabelle’s enjoyment of music and dance has grown since commencing Ukubebe, she particularly loves the tambourine, drums and ukulele. Annabelle’s group participation has improved, including listening and following instructions. Her confidence to interact with other children has grown. Each session is structured around a theme, matching music, play and story; incorporating both familiar and new material. This is a great formula for a two year old to learn and remain excited and interested.

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