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When wet weather strikes, it can challenge to even the most patient mum’s nerves. But if you have a little creativity and some great mum approved tips to hand, a rainy day at home with the kids can be almost pleasurable! We asked our mums to tell us about your favourite things to do on a rainy day at home, we’re super impressed with your creativity:  this is what you said:

#1 Bake with the Kids: It’s your top rainy day activity by a landslide. Some of the things you love to bake are cookies, cakes, pikelets and cupcakes. When we get stuck inside in the rain and don’t want to venture to the shops, we can always find the ingredients in the cupboard to make the world’s easiest chocolate chip cookie recipe. It never fails! Also Get yourself some pop corn kernels and make it on the stove, kids LOVE this, especially if you take the lid off too early on purpose.

#2: Make Your Own Playdough: We think the home-made version is even better than store bought stuff-and so do you! It takes 5 minutes to make, is cheap and easy and so much more satisfying for the kids to play with if their little hands have helped create it. Check out our recipe and keep the simple ingredients on hand for emergencies!

#3: Puddle Jumping: You mums aren’t afraid of a little water! Kitting the kids out in gumboots and raincoats and splashing about in puddles made your top 3.

#4: Craft: You’re a creative lot – here are some of your great craft ideas:

“Face painting”  / “Make fishtanks with different coloured cellophane, sand and contact, then put them on the window with the rain drops behind them”  / “Get big roll of paper – get kid to lie on it and draw life size outline and decorate”  / “Stick butchers paper to the floor, set up an easel or art table with paints, play dough or cooking utensils and make a big mess. Butchers paper can be reused for art another time or thrown away if particularly dirty. Saves on cleaning time!” / “Keep a stash of paint, brushes, play dough, stickers etc in a rain day bag so its a treat to open it” / “We make wrapping paper get those rolls of easel paper and couple “happy birthday” & “Christmas” & “Congratulations” stamps and crayons (textas & paint if you’re that keen) and make great pictures-ready for wrapping the next pressie”

# 5: Have a Playdate: A bit of company keeps the mums sane and the kids busy and is a great excuse for a cuppa and natter, us mums often think that everyone else is busy, but judging by the number of solo mums at the Mall on a wet day that’s often not the case – so be the organiser and pick up the phone and invite people round to yours.

#6: Indoor Picnic/Tea Party: A really popular choice – a simple cloth on the floor, a few teddies and some cups and plates is all you need to get going and a great way to sample all those baked goods your budding masterchefs have created!

#7: Build a Cubby: Gather up your chairs, spare sheets and clothes pegs and make a tent or huddle under the dining room table for a cosy respite from the rain.

#8: Watch a movie: Where no one mentioned plonking the darlings in front of kids TV directly (Ahem!) lots of you mums love to spend a rainy day snuggling under a blanket with hot chocolate and home made popcorn watching a classic family flick.

#9. Read Stories: Sometimes the simplest activities are the most rewarding. Our mums told us they are happy to spend a lazy rainy day with the kids cuddling and reading their favourite stories.

10. Other Great Ideas! Put on some great tunes and get dancing / play I spy / Get them involved in the housework with a duster and apron / Create an indoor obstacle course / give them a basket or bag and send them on a scavenger hunt around the house like “go find me something … Yellow” / have a big bubble bath together / Dress up

Got a great Rainy Day Idea to share? Help us create one massive list. Write your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Annabel

    Inspired by how organised my child care centre was, I like to create a craft station and change the craft every half hour or so, e.g. paint and paper, then playdough and utensils, then musical instruments, toy animals etc. The change of focus seem to keep my two amused for hours, even better if you can make them go hide while you set up the next, great to dig out toys they haven’t played with for a while, group them together and do a big reveal of the next activity from under a blanket.

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