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By: Jodi Byrne, ellaslist

Circus Oz is under the Big Top in Sydney featuring spectacular feats and non-stop awe-inspiring performances! It’s an incredible mix of diverse performances that pleases all.

A real treat for the whole family

Looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy these school holidays? Then Circus Oz is the show for you.

Circus Oz truly is a whole-family experience – the audience ranged from toddlers to grandparents, and everyone was swept away by the funny, talented and very flexible performers.

It was a spectacular and mesmerising experience, for once my three kids (aged 5, 6 and 9 years) weren’t asking to go to the toilet or for more snacks. They were captured for the entire duration of the show – although the 20 minute interval was a welcome break in the middle of the 2 hour-long show.

Circus Oz_sydney

Exciting and fast-paced

The show is made up of adrenaline-filled short snippets from a range of performers, like strong women, innovative jugglers, hilariously funny flying trapeze artists and their ‘belly-flops’, an extraordinary hula hoop routine, clowns in barcode rompers, amazing strength in rope acrobatics at great heights and talented artists who seem to be experts in music and acrobatics alike

The performers legitimately look like they’re having a ball on stage and it’s easy to get swept up in the hilarity and excitement with them. There were quite a few ‘ooh ahh’ moments too.

Some stand-out moments include an acrobatic balancing act between April Dawson and Kyle Raftery atop a unicycle and Matt Wilson’s amazing balancing act atop 5 small wooden children’s chairs which sit on a table and four small ornaments.

Fun Interaction

There is some audience participation too. Mums and Dads, don’t be scared – this one’s just for the kids. They are invited on stage to dance during the ‘Lion’ song.

There are some great acts including the entire ensemble of group tricks on the side-by-side Chinese poles and the barcode clowns finale.

My three daughters thought the funniest part was the beginning of Matt Wilson’s chair balancing act. He ends up in his underwear with no back so you can imagine the giggling coming from the three girls, not to mention the rest of the audience.

When asked what their favourite part was, it was a hard choice between the flying trapeze act and the hula hoop.

Overall, a great family day out and an experience that can be shared with all ages.

Circus Oz 2

If you’re hungry?

You can buy loads of snacks and drinks in The Big Top – $5 choc-tops, popcorn, ice creams, lollies, soft drinks, slushies and they’ve even thought of mum and dad with a small selection of wine and beer.

If you’re after something more substantial, then browse the many eateries in The Entertainment Quarter either before or after the show.

What You Need to Know

  • Circus Oz is suitable for the whole family but I think 3 years and up would enjoy it most
  • Runs for 2 hours (with a 20 minute interval)
  • Toilets are outside the Big Top but only a short 2 minute walk away
  • Snacks and drinks, including alcoholic beverages available inside the Big Top
  • Parking at The Entertainment Quarter carpark (2 hours free)
  • Loads of eateries to choose from at The Entertainment Quarter for lunch and dinner
  • Show contains strobe lights and smoke machines
  • Live band

So, what are you waiting for? Book now!

Circus Oz 3

When: 30 December 2015 – 24 January 2016
Cost: From $25 Child, $40 Adult, $105 Family
Where: Under the Big Top, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park

Book your tickets here or call 136 100

For more information on show dates, times and prices, please visit the Circus Oz website.

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