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Fairytale Dance Classes – FREE TRIAL CLASS! Introduce your child to the world of dance without the pressure of a formal dance school.

Qualified dance teachers in our enchanted Fantasea Cave run our unique dance classes designed especially for children. Without the pressures of formal dance school uniforms and concerts your child will delight in dressing up in their favourite fairy/mermaid/king/pirate/princess or just a funky dance outfit, just like our dance teachers, for their fairytale dance class.

Well-programmed with a teaspoon of ballet a sprinkle of jazz, a pinch of tap and a drop of rhythmic gymnastics. Thrown into the mix, a fun warm up, simultaneous counting & moving and the concept of rhythm and beat to some of your child’s favourite music as well as introducing them to a variety of genres.

Your child will develop their confidence, co-ordination, body awareness, imagination and social skills. At the end of each term you are invited to come in and watch what your child has been learning.

Classes are small so your child will get all of the attention and focus they need from our talented teachers.


2-3yrs 9:15-10:00am
3-5yrs 10:15-11:00am

2-3yrs 9:15-10:00am
3-5yrs 10:15-11:00am
3-5yrs 3:30-4:15pm
5-7yrs 4:20-5:05pm

2-3yrs 9:15-10:00am
3-5yrs 10:15-11:00am & 3.30-4:15pm
5-7yrs 4:20-5:05pm

2-3yrs 9:15am
3-5yrs 10:15am

2-3yrs 9:15-10:00am
3-5yrs 10:15-11:00am

To book your FREE trial class call Sharon on 0416 234 710 or email here.

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2-3 yrs                 9:15am-10:00am

3-4.5 yrs             10:15am-11:00am

3.5-5yrs              3:30pm-4:15pm

5-7 yrs                 4:20pm-5:05pm


2-3yrs                  9:15am-10:00am

3-4yrs                  10:15-11:00am

4-6yrs                  11:05-11:50am

3.5-5yrs              3:30pm-4:15pm

5-7 yrs                 4:20pm-5:05pm


2-3 yrs                 9:15am-10:00am

3-5 yrs                 10:15am-11:00am

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  1. Jade Keldoulis

    My daughter has been attending ballet with Fairy Mel for the past 12 months now & absolutely loves it! The space is beautiful & the classes are both fun and educational. Mel does a wonderful job with her gaggle of little ballerinas.

  2. Nikki

    My daughter loves attending dance class!
    Fairy Mel is fantastic with the kids.
    The studio is beautiful! Highly recommended!

  3. Catherine Stephenson

    Fairy Mel is fantastic with all the children, so patient and you can really tell she loves what she does which is so important. There’s no pressure and it’s so much fun. My daughter is loving dancing and we have seen a great improvement every week and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing a 2 year old attempt an arabesque. We know have our own pom poms to practice at home. Would highly recommend 😊

  4. Rachael

    My daughter loves coming each week to the dance class. Fairy Mel has a wonderful nature with the girls, the place of the class is excellent and takes into consideration the age of the group. I love the fact that it isn’t a strict ballet class so a 2 yr old can have fun enjoying dancing to songs they are familiar with with a bit of ballet thrown in.

  5. Alan Crombie

    My daughter is 4 and loves the class. I drop her off to her class & there’s never a tear when I head up the road for a coffee. At the end of each term I get to sit in and watch as they all give a performance, showing what they’ve learned and it’s always good to see her having fun with all her new dance moves.

  6. Christina

    My daughter Maya (2yrs) absolutely loves her dancing class. She bounces into class with joy and has a smile on her face the whole class. Fairy Mel is amazing with the children. So creative, fun and she learns a lot too.
    Love it. Re-enrolling again for sure.

  7. Romy

    Fairy Mel is incredible! My daughters love her class. The classes are totally relaxed yet magnificently structured. We adore Captain Bandana it has been a overwhelmingly positive experience.

  8. Rivka

    My 2 little girls look forward all week to their Captain Bandana class! Classes are fun and very laid back. I love the mix of music they have and all the different dance moves that are sprinkled thoroughout the classes!

  9. Eleisa

    Captain Bandanna was exactly what my 3.5year old daughter and I was looking for! She had never done dancing before and we were after a very relaxed but fun experience. She still learns some great dancing skills and has made some friends as well. We both are so happy.

  10. Daniella Skoupas

    This will be the end of Ellie’s 3rd term and we will be returning for term 4…
    Eliie continues to enjoy learning new skills with the beautiful Fairy Mel…
    The relaxed atmosphere is amazing and Ellie has made some lovely friends which she looks forward to seeing each Wednesday…
    Ellie’s confidence has grown so much and she is enjoying each lesson more and more that she asks to do a double class each week…
    Would definately recomnend Captain Bandanna and Co to anyone…
    Looking forward to another great , exciting and fun term…

  11. Natalie

    My daughter adores fairy class. She would be happy to go everyday if she could! It’s the only class we’ve able to find that my daughter enjoys being actively involved in (as she is behind with her gross motor skills). We also couldn’t recommend Fairy Mel more highly…as my daughter tells me, she is her favourite thing about fairy class

  12. Daniella Skoupas

    My 4year old daughter just loves her dance lessons with Fairy Mel each Wednesday afternoon…
    I love that it is so relaxed and it’s all about the children just having fun while learning new skills each week…
    Fairy Mel is amazing with the children and Ellie just adores her.
    Looking forward to another great term of fun, dancing, smiles and laughter…
    Thankyou Captain Bandanna and Co…

  13. Victoria Rowlandson

    My daughter is about to finish her first term of fairy tail dance classes and she loves it! The teacher uses fun props and techniques and well as learning the basics of ballet she is developing her listening skills, her balance and coordination and making new friends! We’ve already signed up for next term 😊

  14. Miranda

    My daughter Grace joined Bandana for the first time this term. She is so excited every Friday to go to dancing and can’t wait to show me what she’s learnt when we get home. It has improved her skills and she has realised when she practices she gets better. Fairy Mel connects with the kids and Grace can’t wait to continue into next term.

  15. Louise

    Fairytale dance classes are exactly what we were looking for. No need for expensive uniforms and concerts for 3 year olds! Fairy Mel is an excellent teacher and makes it extremely fun yet challenging for all of the little dancers. We LOVE it!!!!

  16. Anna Duffy

    Fabulous class which has helped to build my little girls confidence tenfold. Fairy Mel is a dream and encourages and nurtures all the little princesses. I have recommended to all my friends whose little ones love the class too. Highly recommended!!

  17. Rachel Williams

    Such a great environment for a friendly, fun introduction to dancing. Fairy Mel is wonderful with the children.

  18. Deborah Doctor

    My daughter looks forward to her Fairytale Dance Class all week! The kids can wear whatever they like and it’s a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It’s been great for my daughter’s coordination and confidence. The teachers are great and all the girls have so much fun.

  19. Daniella Skoupas

    I started dance class with my daughter Ellie 4yrs last term.
    She absolutely loves the class and cannot wait for Wednesday’s.
    The classes are small which mean each child receives the personalised attention they require.
    Her teacher Fairy Mel is just gorgeous. All the children have taken to her warm, kind, gentle and smiley personality.
    The flexibility of making up a class if you cannot attend is great and I love the fact the children can just be themselves, wear what they like and simply just have fun while learning new things each week.
    Would certainly recommend Captain Bandanna and Co to anyone.

  20. Tanya Goldberg

    We were looking for a musical and physical activity that is really fun, entertaining and at the same time, engaged our daughter’s mind. Fairytale Dance completely fits the bill – our daughter loves it and talks about it all week long. Classes have a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and she is developing not just her musical and dance interests but her imagination and listening as well. And as an added bonus, there’s always something fun to play with before and after class too.

  21. Aimee

    Every Wednesday morning my very excited 2.5 year old wakes me up saying “it’s Fairy Mel’s Dance Class today!”. That to me speaks volumes about how much enjoyment she has from the class. This is the most perfect class filled with fun-tastic skills. It has been brilliant seeing this group of 2 year olds start out for the first time in dance and develop their listening and movement skills, songs and routines with big smiles on their faces each week while forming lovely friendships. Thanks Fairy Mel and Captain Bandanna!

  22. Takeru Sato

    Thursday is the best be loved day for my daughter. She is enjoying the class so much and telling me about the class in every Thursday evening.

  23. Jo Watkins

    The classes are perfect for young kids! We look forward to class each week.

  24. Steph

    My 2 year old just adores Fairy Mel!!! She looks forward to seeing her every weekend and talks about her and “dancing with fairies” all week. She adores getting dressed up in her fairy dresses and dancing along side other little fairies her age… it’s what all little girly girls just have to do!

  25. Michelle

    What a wonderful experience this class has been for my daughter. She is just finishing term one & is loving it ! So excited to go every week. I have watched her confidence, skills & love of dance grow. A fabulous class in a lovely environment, highly recommended.

  26. Casey amiet

    Absolutely wonderful..
    This will be my daughters second year attending Captain Banndana dance classes, she always looks forward class and has made so many new friends. The teachers are amazing and it is such a wonderful and welcoming environment

  27. Ramona Lundberg

    Lovely venue & lovely teachers & very relaxed “feel”of this dance school. My daughter have just started at Captainbandanna school and she’s loving it!! She keep trying/ practising her dance steps even after dance school

  28. Ramona Lundberg

    Lovely venue & lovely teachers & very relaxed “feel”of this dance school. My daughter have just started at Captainbandanna school and she’s loving it!! She keep trying/ practising her dance steps even after dance school

  29. Lisa

    my daughter has been attending for two terms and loves the class. It is small and intimate. Plus it is warm in winter!! Highly recommend.

  30. Dafni Bockos

    My daughter loves going to Captain Bandanna dance classes every Saturday. She talks about her teacher Fairy Mel constantly and gets so excited picking her dance costume in the morning. I love that it is not too serious and more of a fun way for her to learn all the dance basics! She loves showing off all her new moves to everyone

  31. Moying

    Kid loves this class. Very good introduction to dance with fun for kids. Fairy Mel is an excellent teacher and my 4 years girl is looking forward seeing her every week.

  32. Ronnie

    An enjoyable class, well managed, fun and full of light with a touch of fairy. Subtle introduction to dance and exercise to warm the body, through fluid movement, song, rhythm and technique. So excited for the new classes to introduce my older girl to an experience enjoyed by her younger sibling. Just wish it was in our area – but well worth the 30 min travel (1 way)!! Princess Rachel is a great teacher and manages the young girls well.

  33. Rita Jones

    Once again my daughter had a fun and fabulous term of dance and social interactions with her fellow fairy princesses. I have continued to watch her grow in confidence and excitement every week as she anticipates her next dance lesson. A very happy child = a very happy parent. Thank you Captain Bandanna & Co!

  34. Jennifer

    My daughter has so much fun attending Fairytale Dance Classes at Captain Bandanna & Co. It is a highly supportive, fun and pressure free environment so your child can get the most out of role playing and learning to dance. Before she started classes her gross motor skills really needed some encouragement! Within a few weeks her body awareness and confidence sky – rocketed. The teachers skills, patience and care are second to none. Well done to Captain Bandanna & Co for creating dance classes that teach a broad range of skills, not just the one style of limited dance that becomes too structured and repetitive for children to be able to fully enjoy on a weekly basis. I can not recommend joining these classes highly enough.

  35. Casey amiet

    My 2 1/2 year old looks forward to her class each week and get all excited when it’s time to dress up like a princess and go dancing. She absolutely loves her teacher and has met a lot of new friends. I would highly recommend this place to everyone..

  36. Kader

    My 5 and half year old thinks that her Fairy teacher is the best dance teacher in the world :) very friendly and caring! We loved it!

  37. Jane

    My daughter throughly enjoys her ballet class with Princess Rachel. Its very cute watching the concentration on their little faces. Good for early learning exercising and decerpline.

  38. Eve Paterson

    This is my daughter’s favourite part of the week. The classes have the perfect balance of fun and structure with some magic thrown in. All the girls have a ball.

  39. Nayara

    My little Valeska is fairy & princess mad. So when I saw the sign for fairy dance classes after shopping, I jumped at it! And little Miss loves it. The teacher, Princess Rachel, is just fantastic & has a wonderful sense of fun that the girls really respond to. Highly recommend!

  40. Juliette

    I noticed my 2 1/2 year old daughter loves dancing so I thought it might be good for her to join a dance class. I found Fairytale Dance Classes on the web and was instantly struck about how fun it felt. This was certainly matched when we went for our free trial class. There is a beautiful full-wall mural of a magic castle in the dance studio that the children adore. The dance teacher, Princess Rachael was excellent. She made a real effort to learn the names of all the little girls in the class and give them individual praise. The classes are very fun for the kids but at the same time do teach them a range of dance steps as well as other useful behaviours, such as listening to instructions and waiting their turn. The children’s temperaments vary with some children being very shy and others being more bold, yet over several weeks all the kids seem to have grown in confidence . A variety of fun props are used from magic wands, teddy bears, pom poms, balls and more. I was so impressed how Princess Rachael controls the class of potentially very distractible 2 year olds. This could easily be a class of kids running and screaming, but it’s actually very structured and all the parents are struck at how well their daughters behave in the class and follow directions. This is truly a credit to the teacher’s skill, experience and genuine enjoyment of teaching children. Following our free trial class, we signed up immediately without hesitation. Sharon was friendly, professional and an excellent communicator. I have only the highest praise for this dance class. (Plus for the parents, it’s so enchanting to see their little girls dressed up in their tutus and fairy dresses!)

  41. Rita Jones

    Friendly, gentle , professional and talented teachers leading my daughter and friends in dance whilst reinforcing technique and making it fun. Appropriate music choices, lovely atmosphere and perfectly paced lessons that allow students to develop confidence every week . Very Happy Child = Very happy Parent. Thank you Princess Rachel and team!

  42. Lori Frank

    My Daughter loves Princess Rachel’s dance classes. She is so excited on Thursday mornings and wants to go to dancing before 9am! Princess Rachel is so enthusiastic and speaks to the girls at their level. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone looking for dancing lessons for young kids.

  43. Rebecca Neilsen

    Can not recommend Captain Bandanna & Co highly enough. Our 4 year old runs to dance class every week to learn more from the lovely Princess Rachel. Helpful, professional, kind and respectful, these ladies are wonderful. The classes are the perfect size and the students are allowed to develop at their own pace without pressure.

  44. Danielle Tinkler

    Such a gorgeous little class! My daughter just loves it and has really come out of her shell in terms of confidence, concentration and co-ordination just one term – which is pretty impressive for such young children! A wonderful thing for little girls to do in the mornings.

  45. Aletta

    My daughter has done 3 terms now and loves it. She loves dancing with the other little girls and loves her teacher princess Rachel. She has gained heaps of confidence and looks forward to dancing every week.

  46. Eve Paterson

    My two year old daughter was completely enchanted from the moment she walked into the studio. Miss Rachael leads the classes with just the right balance of discipline and play to inspire their imaginations. I was also surprised at how quickly they learned new moves. I would definitely recommend it for your child if he/she likes to dance.

  47. J Grogan

    Our 3 year old absolutely adores Princess Rachel and loves attending the fairytale dance classes. The classes teach memory skills, encourage the kids to follow instructions, to share, respect each other and have fun in an active and friendly environment. The atmosphere is warm and engaging. We never miss a class!

  48. Lucy

    My daughters adore fairy dance class! It is the only scheduled activity that they have been interested in re-enrolling – we are up to our third term! My children have excelled with their confidence, respond better to direction and have a wonderful time dressing up and learning new skills in such a fun environment. Thanks to the whole team at Fairytale Dance Class!

  49. Romy

    My daughter Isabella tried a handful of ballet classes which did not interest her until she found Fairy Amanda’s wonderful classes and the fun world within…

  50. Lisa

    my daughter started this term and loves fairy Amanda! She has a ball practising her new moves at home. Relaxed, fun and friendly environment where the kids can where what they like. Easy to join up and a free trial class. Highly recommended!

  51. Anna

    My 3.5 yr old daughter started Captain Bandannas fairy dancing this term after a friend recommended it to us. I have great confidence leaving her at the class with Princess Rachel, she absolutely loves the class and loves getting dressed in her skirt and ballet shoes each week. She also has a new found love for Angelina Ballerina !

  52. Shandel

    My daughter absolutely loves her dance class and wakes up everyday asking if today is the day she gets to go see the beautiful fairy Amanda. If it was up to her she would attend every day. She comes out of the class on a wonderful high and brimming with confidence.
    Highly recommend this class

  53. Leanne Arber

    This dance class is a beautiful introduction to dance. The teacher makes the kids feel special and comfortable and encourages everyone to participate. The classes a a lovely combination of skills that develop the children’s rhythm, coordination, strength and imaginations. Thanks Captain Bandana and team!

  54. Elane

    My child has had the most remarkable experience at Fairytale Dance Classes by Captain Bandanna.

    The classes are relaxed, friendly and exciting, the teachers are excellent both Princess Amanda and Rachel are kind and caring and have brought out the best of my child’s bubbly personality while building self confidence in the dance studio.

    I can not recommend this school more highly !!!

  55. May

    my daughter was a very very shy girl. after she completed the first term, she really gained lots of confidence from the class. she asks me almost everyday “is today tuesday yet?” because she knew she”ll have fun on dancing day. i really recommend girls should come to the free trial. you will see how happy other girls are.

  56. Gemma

    Fairytale dancing is the absolute highlight of my 3 year olds week, she asks almost every night “do I have fairy dancing tomorrow”? Sophie loves Princess Rachel who is such a great teacher and the classes are so much fun, and she has met some lovely little friends from her class. Highly recommend this class to any girl/boy that loves to dress up and dance :)

  57. Zoe and Jane

    My four year old has been attending these classes for over a year. She absolutely LOVES to get dressed up and go. She loves her teacher ‘Princess Rachel’ and says that she is her ‘best friend’! I think it appeals to the kids as the class is undertaken in a relaxed way and in a format that encourages the kids to engage in the activity, rather than being forced. Zoe loves to come home and show me her new moves as well as practice. It is clear to see from the concert at the end of the terms that the girls love what they do and, are proud of what they have achieved.
    I have also always found that Captain Bandanna are always willing to be flexible in relation to making up for any classes that you might have missed.
    Highly recommended!

  58. Pearl

    My daughter adores dressing up like a fairy ballerina and constantly dances around the house. So I did a lot of research to find her a dance classes and I’m so glad I found this one. Princess Rachel is a patient, inspiring dance teacher who has encouraged my little one to be more confident and free to express herself through dance and movement. The venue is small but my daughter thinks it’s a magical place with the beautiful castle mural. It feels more personal and encourages interaction and cooperation. We will be definitely be coming back for another term.

  59. Melissa

    My daughter has been taking classes at Captain Bandanna for 3 terms now and she loves it! I’ve seen huge improvements from term to term and Fairy Amanda is fantastic!

  60. Lyndall Stewart

    All three of my girls have done/are doing fairytale dance classes with the lovely Fairy Amanda. My older two are jealous that their little sister is still the right age for fairy dancing! The classes are a wonderful introduction to the basics of ballet and jazz, and provide a mix of challenge and fun. Participants are encouraged to listen, wait for their turn and other important little person skills. At the same time, it’s not overly strict, and there is no ‘uniform’ – the kids love dressing up in their favourite fairytale outfits for class and getting a sticker for doing a good job. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone. Lyndall

  61. Lee

    My daughter has been going to Fairy Dancing for the last 3 terms and she loves it! The teachers are fantastic and Princess Rachel is so friendly as well as a fantastic ballerina and gymnast. The kids enjoy it so much and the show at the end of each season is fabulous. We will be definitely returning this term and I would recommend it to everyone!

  62. Cathy McGregor

    My 4 year old daughter has been having classes since she was 2 and still LOVES going. They are fun, age appropriate and happy. Fairy amanda has the perfect balance of discipline and cuteness to have the children taking turns but having fun. The location is lovely, with everything dreamily created.
    Sharon who runs the class prepares lovely completion certificates at end if term with photos of your little one.
    Couldn’t recommend it more highly.

  63. Rhianon

    We have just completed our first term and my daughter who is 2 and 1/2 loves it. It is a lovely environment and the teacher – Princess Rachel is excellent. The body awareness it promotes is excellent and all done in such a fun, magical way.

  64. Sharon

    We have been going to the ballet classes for a while now and my daughter (now 4) really enjoys it.

    It’s a relaxed environment and they love Fairy Amanda.

    They also have a mini concert at the end of term whereby parents can see their kids progress, very cute and highly recommend.

  65. Tanya

    I would like to take the time to thank all the wonderful staff at ‘Fairytale Dance School’, My daughter has developed many skills such as self esteem, balance and co-ordination. She also enjoys preforming the routines she has been shown at home to our family and friends.Thank you for all your hard work and for your patience with all the children. My daughter has learned so much and has so much fun doing it.Thank you for being such positive role models. Highly recommended!

  66. Judith-Rose Max

    My daughter Sara loved dancing with Fairy Amanda and was so excited when she saw Princess Rachel who she recognized from her gymnastics classes. Sara can be shy and she loved the kind friendly class where girls could enjoy the fantasy and fancy of being a ballerina without any fears. The classes are intimate, in a fantastical environment which was perfect for her! I am looking forward to sending her baby sister to the class when she turns 2!

  67. Carole

    These classes have been the best thing I have done for my child. They have helped
    Her to develop her confidence and self esteem in an environment without pressure. The teachers and owner are extremely professional yet flexible to each child and families needs.
    We love every minute and would recommend these classes to anyone.

  68. Jenny Gilham

    My two and a half ywar old daughter absolutely loves Fairy Princess Rachel. She’s patient but firm and has does wonders for my daughters confidence and discipline. Gracie will now pirouette at every opportunity and the sparkly wands drive her insane! A fabulous class for any budding fairy ballerina elephant!

  69. Janet

    We love the class. Princess Rachel is a brilliant teacher and the kids really listen and follow her example after she’s given clear instructions. It’s great to sit & watch. Can’t wait for next term,

  70. Tessa

    My daughter loves her dance classes each week – she gets to dress up and dance like a princess or fairy so she’s in her element! It is wonderful to see the little ones grow more confident as the weeks go on and these classes have really developed my daughter since she started. I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone looking at fun classes for their little one.

  71. Jess K

    Both my girls have been done dance classes with Fairy Amanda and my little one is still there. We look forward to them every week. They love to dress up in their fairy outfits and we love that it is not so serious and confronting and there is no formal concert. All the kids have a ball.

  72. Rachel

    My 5 year old has learned a lot and had so much fun for a year and a half with “Princess Rachel”. She is passionate, committed, professional and gives so much care and energy to teaching each child. We feel lucky to have found classes that keep the innocence of dancing for the love of it, without the uniform, exams or staged concerts. My daughter loves going to this magical fairyland, and feels completely secure being looked after by Sharon and Rachel. The classes give her confidence, skills and just lots of fun.

  73. Jane

    My 2.5 year old absolutely loves her fairy dancing class. She adores Princess Rachel and has a wonderful time every week. It is gorgeous to watch the little ones twirling and moving to the fun music. Highly recommended!

  74. Elaine

    I have been taking my daughter to these classes for nearly a year now. She wakes up every day saying “Fairy Dancing Today? With such an inviting room, nurturing teachers and friendly parents, I look forward to going as much as my daughter. The children learn so much in such a gentle and professional environment. Well done Fairytale Dancing team!

  75. Lisa Rayment

    This is my daughters third term with fairytale dancing. I have watched her confidence grow through making new friends, following instruction and having the time of her life. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming. In addition, I find it lovely to watch and will have lifelong memories of my little girl learning to dance.

  76. Ida

    My daughter, and I with her, had the pleasure of attending Captain Bandanna dance classes in 2011. Because she loves it and her teacher so much she will be starting again this term as well. Having attended several terms, I’ve really come to see big improvements every term. It’s been very exciting to watch her develop her dancing skills and also the joy she gets out of it. And this has all been done with a gentle, fun and loving, but also disciplined touch from very experienced teachers. I can highly recommend these classes :)

  77. Cathy

    Our 2 1/2 year old girl joins Fairy Amanda to spin around, shake her pom poms, wave magic wands and generally shake her booty.

    Fairy Amanda has just the right amount of bubbly fun and discipline to keep all the little ones following instructions but having a lot of fun.

    Our little one talks about Fairy Amanda during the week, and loves to dance around anywhere (lounge room, shops, bus stop).

    Highly recommended for the little girl who loves to dance. They will have a huge amount of fun, as well as learning a great skill.

  78. Pamela

    My daughter has been particapating in the fairytale dance classes for two yrs now and absolutely loves it. It was recomended to get her into a social sceene as she was extremely shy and I truely believe that due to the fun filled class she has developed the confidence and social skills that make her a very happy little girl now.

  79. LISA

    We’re up to our third term now and my 3 year old loves it. Fairy Amanda is fantastic with her little fairy posse and really helps encourage them to participate and learn. I didnt realise my Audrey could be so obedient :-)

  80. Rachel

    My daughter has loved coming each week to her Fairy Dancing classes, not only does she love Princess Rachel but she loves the interaction with all the other little girls. They all have so much fun and learn something new each week. A wonderful way to watch your child grow.

  81. Mel

    I am a nanny who took my 3 year old to this wonderful dance school for 2 Terms. We were so upset when we were no longer able to make the time of the new classes. The Fairytale Dance teachers are so welcoming and warm and the classes are nice and small so the children feel comfortable and learn heaps. The children learn everything that you would in a more “serious” dance school but they have so much more fun! I highly recommend them.

  82. Nicola Dobson

    As a nanny to two two year old girls in the Randwick area I chose this as one of our activities for over a year… It is sooooo good!
    The teachers made each class fun and interesting and the children learnt so much from it.
    Sharon and Michelle run the business so professionally and I believe are teacher trained.
    They are also incredibly talented singers. ( Their concerts and captain bandana cds are fantastic!)
    Fairy Amanda is the sweetest dance teacher I have ever met.
    The kids adore her and respond to her style of teaching so well.
    I enjoyed watching for the whole session every week until the girls got too big.
    Parents and carers were then encouraged to leave the kids in Amandas capable hands while we went for a coffee. Bonus.. We would return with our free baby cinos from Sum bar across the road.
    A great weekly activity for children from 2years.

  83. Annie

    We haven’t done the kid’s classes here but my 5yr old daughter has attended Captain Bandanna’s holiday care at Fantasea Cave for 2yrs now and just loves it. Sharon and the girls are fantastic with all the children and the venue is light, bright, and kid-friendly.

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