Are You Over The Holidays? Don’t Fret: Bad Moms 2 Is Coming


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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

I hate to be a fun sponge, but who else breathes a sigh of relief when the festive season finally draws to a close? All that present buying, wrapping, re-gifting, cooking, decorating & hosting can really take a toll on mums. In 2017, consider lightening your Christmas season load with the Bad Moms sequel! What a gift to all the fed-up mums out there.

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A Christmas Comedy You Can’t Miss

This November, round up your fellow bad mums, head to the cinema and let the likes of Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell & Kathryn Hahn serve you up some naughty giggles. According to Forbes, the first Bad Moms made a whopping worldwide US $180 million, making the sequel inevitable.

Bad Dads (coming this July) will attempt to steal the female’s thunder, but we’re pretty sure it can’t be outdone.

The Bad Moms sequel will be Christmas themed, no doubt it is set to be X rated and is rumoured to introduce the mothers of the bad mums- that’s a whole lot of mummies.

We just loved the first movie- mums connecting and realising that deep down, we’re all struggling with the same trials and tribulations- from handling ridiculous teachers to getting kids to soccer training on time. We love anything that reminds mums to take it easy on themselves in the era of organic-only foods and gratitude journals. Do you think it’s too soon to buy pre-release tickets?


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